Gaming & Media Streaming Switches

Advanced home networking made easy

The NETGEAR Nighthawk® S8000 Gaming & Streaming Switch provides the ultimate experience for ultra-smooth gaming and 4K media streaming in the home.

Nighthawk Switch Series





SOHO 以太网交换机


NETGEAR SOHO 非网管交换机具备即插即用的简单性和可靠性,使用坚固的金属外壳且具备以太网供电功能,非常适用于您的小型办公室或家庭/办公室网络。

SOHO 交换机系列

Web Managed Click & Easy-Mount Switches

Switches that can be mounted Virtually AnywhereTM

NETGEAR ProSAFE® Web Managed Click & Easy-Mount Switches feature an innovative mounting system that allow them to be easily located where you need them - under a table, on a pole/desk leg, or on the wall - with the flexible mounting bracket. Their unique slim and sleek design also enables "out of sight" deployment like no other switch.

Click Switch and Easy-Mount Family

NETGEAR 商用级 ProSAFE® 交换机


NETGEAR ProSAFE®交换机具备金属机身,即时的连接、稳健的性能,从非网管型到全网管型交换机,此外还具备超长质保期为您业务保驾护航

NETGEAR 商用级 ProSAFE® 交换机